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Angela Hughes stands as a paragon in the luxury travel industry, renowned for curating exquisite marketing strategies that captivate the discerning traveler. With an exuberant passion for mentorship and a trailblazing spirit, Angela has helmed her prestigious brand, Trips & Ships Luxury Travel, for over forty years. Under her astute leadership, a cadre of more than 70 LUXE advisors has ascended to the apex of high-end tourism.

Holding the torch as a Certified Travel Consultant since 1993 and a master's degree in Geography, Travel & Tourism, Angela's illustrious career is marked by the construction of bespoke luxury getaways that are the embodiment of elegance and personalized service. At the helm of the Luxury Travel University, her expertise serves as the linchpin for elevating & consulting numerous host agencies and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) to achieve prominence in the competitive luxury sector.

Esteemed media outlets seek her sage wisdom, with Angela's presence gracing the likes of The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Fox 35 TV as a revered travel oracle. Her insights resonate far beyond the climes of domestic renown, with features in international publications such as Travel Weekly, Travel Market Report, Insider Travel Report, Travel Age West and Germany's LUXE magazine, while her social media presence has become a siren’s call for the wanderlust-afflicted.

Internova recognizes Angela as an elite force within the industry, lauding her as part of the upper 1% of travel virtuosos.

When she's not imparting her vast knowledge as a former adjunct professor at BYU, Angela is a zealous traveler herself, charting a personal course through over 104+ countries—her multicultural experiences even include a beacon of nearly two years spent residing in Osaka, Japan, during which she added conversational Japanese to her repository of skills.

The narrative deepens with Angela's philanthropic endeavors. At the heart of her non-profit. Color My World, she champions the cause of sustainable humanitarian tourism, orchestrating trips that ripple out waves of change, leaving indelible hues of progress across communities globally.

For the traveler and advisor satisfied with the ordinary, Angela Hughes is a name to bypass.

She represents the quintessence of luxurious travel paired seamlessly with a gracious spirit of philanthropy—traveling with a purpose, where elegance meets benevolence, is not just her vocation; it is her legacy.



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How to Sell Italy Like a Pro
April 16, 2024, 1-3 pm EST

Discover the secrets of marketing Italy – an enchanting land steeped in history. Join Angela Hughes for a comprehensive 2-hour masterclass that’s crafted to empower you to connect with ideal clients and elevate your luxury travel business.

This 2-hour, live masterclass is  is expected to sell out.

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How to Sell Tanzania Like a Pro
April 16, 2024 3-5 pm EST
Discover the secrets to effectively market Tanzania, a land steeped in history and allure. Join Angela Hughes for a comprehensive 2-hour masterclass tailored to hone your skills in attracting discerning clients and expanding your high-end travel enterprise.


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Discover the Secret to High-Performance Travel Group Sales!
May 31, 2024 1-3 pm EST

Learn how to sell group packages for luxury travel opportunities. Angela Hughes dazzles in the luxury travel group space. This 2-hour masterclass with Angela Hughes is designed to help you attract the right clients and grow your luxury travel business.


Register Now - Limited Spots Available


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Join the Luxury Travel University Tribe in top global destinations to learn and grow as an advisor on curated luxe educational fam trips.

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Sardinia, Italy

October 18-25, 2022
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Explore the most sought after destinations in Italy with Italy By Experts and the Luxury Travel University. This will be one of our most sought after FAM trips this year.

Saudi Arabia 

 January 31- Feb 7, 2023 Postponed

Learn how to sell the hottest emerging destinations in the world with expert live coaching combined with on the ground training with Cadence Vacations.


Milan, Lake Como & Venice Italy

 March 18-25, 2023 

Sold Out
Grow your business in Italy with Italy by Experts who specializes in the luxury boutique experience

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"Angela Hughes is an expert and anyone looking to expand their business will definitely benefit from her knowledge. Above all she is a great person!  We don't see that often. So, Angela I am taking this opportunity to thank you and I am grateful to have met you!" - Diane DP

Destination Management Company and Travel Beyond Wellness

A Perfect Consultant

"Angela is amazing. Her years of experience, combined with a thorough understanding of the travel industry and natural intuition of how to help others, make her the perfect consultant! She gives straight-foroward actionable advice that makes a HUGE difference! Thanks Angela." - Jill Knapp


Trips & Ships Luxury Travel

A Sweet Dream!

"Working with Angela has been like a sweet dream!  She openly shares her knowledge and creates a comfortable environment that is similar to working with a longtime friend.  Angela was considerate of my individual style as we collaborated to design a detailed actions plan for my business.  She is a true professional and it shows!" - Sherrhonda Gayle

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