Angela Explains Adrenaline Chasing in the Luxury Travel Market

Jun 22, 2023

Angela recently contributed to an article with the Daily Beast on the trend of "thrillionaires", people who pay top dollar for high-intensity travel experiences. This has become a hot topic in the wake of the lost Titanic submarine.

People around the world are baffled that the rich would pay exorbitant amounts of money for this type of risk, especially considering the fate of the OceanGate expedition. Angela isn't surprised though. She understands the luxury market in a way that most people don't.

Angela explained the following:

“They're looking for a sense of personal fulfillment,” Angela Hughes, the founder of travel consultancy Luxury Travel University and travel agency Trips and Ships Luxury Travel, told The Daily Beast. “By indulging in these experiences, there's a release of adrenaline and a rush of excitement that's difficult to find anywhere else.

“With the high-end luxury market,” she added, “there’s an escape from a mundane routine of everyday life, and provide an outlet for them to experience a sense of accomplishment.”

Angela's company, Trips & Ships Luxury Travel, doesn't necessarily deal in these adrenaline-packed offers, but she understands the market well. There are some experiences that truly only money can buy.

Read the full article for a deeper understanding of thrill-seeking in the luxury travel industry.

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