Work One-on-One with Angela Hughes

In our one-to-one strategy sessions,
I meet you exactly where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.
Our strategy and consulting sessions provide planning and support for growing your travel business in the future. Decide what session is right for you! Perhaps you only need one hour to “brand storm” and reevaluate your marketing brand.  Other clients may need multiple sessions to work through their business development plan. 
The more sessions you buy, the more affordable it is for you to develop the luxury travel business you have always dreamed of, and closer to the six-digit salary that you deserve.
Business Strategy Consulting Packages

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Work One-on-One with Angela Hughes

Looking to take your social media strategy to the next level?
Invest in a one on one strategy session with the Luxury Travel University's social media, marketing, and branding expert, Angela Hughes. Your business is unique and you deserve a custom approach to target your ideal client and grow your following.
Take the guesswork out of your social media and branding once in for all!
Social Media & Branding Packages

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