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Meet Angela Hughes

Founder of the Luxury Travel University

Angela Hughes is a distinguished figure in the luxury travel industry, celebrated for her ability to craft captivating marketing strategies that allure discerning travelers. With an ardent passion for mentorship and an innovative spirit, Angela has led her esteemed brand, Trips & Ships Luxury Travel, for over forty years. Her exceptional leadership has propelled a team of 70+ LUXE advisors to the pinnacle of high-end tourism.

Since earning her certification as a Travel Consultant in 1993 and a master's degree in Geography, Travel & Tourism, Angela's illustrious career has been marked by the creation of bespoke luxury getaways that epitomize elegance and personalized service. As the driving force behind the Luxury Travel University, her expertise is instrumental in elevating and consulting numerous host agencies and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) to prominence in the competitive luxury sector.

Angela's sage advice is regularly sought by prestigious media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Fox 35 TV. Her insights extend internationally, with features in Travel Weekly, Travel Market Report, Insider Travel Report, Travel Age West, and Germany's LUXE magazine. Her influential social media presence further cements her status as a beacon for the wanderlust-afflicted.

Internova recognizes Angela as an elite force within the industry, honoring her as part of the top 1% of travel virtuosos.

When she is not sharing her extensive knowledge as a former adjunct professor at BYU, Angela indulges her own passion for travel, having journeyed to over 104 countries. Her multicultural experiences include nearly two years residing in Osaka, Japan, during which she acquired conversational Japanese.

Angela's narrative is enriched by her philanthropic endeavors. At the helm of her non-profit, Color My World, she champions sustainable humanitarian tourism, orchestrating trips that create lasting positive impacts on communities worldwide.

For those content with the ordinary, Angela Hughes is a name to bypass. She epitomizes the seamless blend of luxurious travel and benevolence. Traveling with purpose, where sophistication meets philanthropy, is not merely her profession; it is her legacy.


"Leadership is an action, not a position."

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