The Challenge of Selling China

china demand luxurytravel tourism May 21, 2023

Angela spoke with Travel Weekly to discuss why demand for travel to China has deflated in recent months. She explained that her clients are distrustful of the Chinese government, fearing that their plans could be changed at any time. With the current geopolitical climate, some travelers are worried that they will have issues getting into or leaving the strict nation.

"It's not the Chinese people, it's the Chinese government that they're afraid of," she explained.

 As geopolitical conflicts continue in the region, the return of demand for luxury travel in China will likely stay low. In the meantime, Angela is turning her focus to other high-demand destinations in Asia. She looks forward to the day when travelers can freely (and confidently) enjoy the many rich experiences China has to offer.

Read the full article about China's return to international travel.

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