Is Hawaii a "Top Destination" Anymore? Angela Weighs In

covid hawaii hotels luxurytravel Jun 19, 2023

Angela contributed to a Travel Weekly article on the shrinking demand for travel bookings to Hawaii.

Following Covid restrictions, Hawaii has been slowly revitalizing its tourism industry. Despite these efforts, hotel bookings, especially among high-dollar travelers, have dropped in 2023, indicating that people have their eyes set on other destinations.

Here's what Angela had to say:

"The hotel prices are so high, and I think the family market is where we're really starting to feel the crunch, but I also have high net worth individuals who are saying, 'We're not paying $2,000 a night for a Four Seasons in Hawaii. That's Maldives pricing.' And so then they start to look at international destinations."

Hawaii will continue to adapt to draw in new visitors. In the world of luxury travel, that will mean creating unforgettable (and unique) luxury experiences that can't be found anywhere else. For now, though, it seems that Hawaii is falling behind its luxury-destination competitors.

Read the full article to understand the situation in Hawaii better.

Check out Travel Weekly for more travel news.

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